Another missed photo op.

My son Josh and I decided to enjoy the weather and wait outside for his ride this morning. We were sitting on the front steps soaking up some sun when a squirrel comes running along the wall right beside us with a little branch of acorns in his mouth. 

I kept expecting him to veer off into the yard but he kept running right towards us. He was an arms length away from Josh when I said "omg" and the squirrel stopped dead in it's tracks, looked up and I swear I saw a look of surprise before he turned to the left and took off like a bat outta hell. He jumped up on the porch, off the other side and ran down the side of the house towards the back yard.

What a great shot that would have been!

This is an older photo. I felt this post needed a squirrel photo, even if not the one I wish I had gotten. 

That will teach me to always have my camera with me. This is the second time in the past couple of weeks that I missed great shots because I didn't have it. Of course if I HAD been carrying it with me, the opportunities may not have been there!

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