Photos? What photos?

Before beginning to write this post, I was looking through my "albums". You know those folders and folders of photos that are on my...and maybe your... computer? It occurred to me while doing so that I have all these great photos of family, landscapes, flowers, things I enjoy taking photos of, that I hardly ever see because they are only online.

Now, I will be the first to admit that digital photography is a wonderful thing.

 I remember all too well the days of film, going on vacation with the 35mm and several boxes of film, extra batteries etc to capture all the great memories that would happen. Taking roll after roll of amazing photos. Coming home, dropping the film off. Going to pick up what should have been 4 rolls of film only to discover that I had one roll of developed film, and 1/2 of another...something like 50 photos from a total of 144 shots taken.

What happened to the rest? film broke on the second roll...and apparently the last 2 didn't load correctly because the camera had issues..all those memories. Gone.

But thanks to digital cameras,  lost photos are a thing of the past. Shoot it, check it, shoot some more! No more waiting for film to be developed to discover no photos, blurry photos, badly lt photos, photos of your thumb..etc etc.I'm sure you remember those days!

However, there is a drawback, which we all know, but have you ever really thought about it? Where are all those terrific photos? Are they printed out, framed, stuck in albums, mailed to family and friends? Or are they all digital files on your computer? Emailed to folks instead of printed, framed and given? I'm sure some special ones do get printed and end up on a wall someplace...and not just your Facebook wall, but real walls in rooms somewhere!

So today I decided that every month I am going to get photos printed. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it will be done. Photos are meant to be seen. To go in albums, scrapbooks, wallets and on walls...not filed away on a computer, disc, or USB memory sticks.

The flower photos in this post are the first four I am having printed. They are going to be big, at least 16x20  and maybe even on canvas. I love these photos and think they are going to look amazing as a grouping on my walls. I'm sure they will look much better there than on my computer.

What about you? Do you print out a lot of the photos that you take? Or are most of them stashed in countless folders online? Drop me a comment and let me know. I really am curious about how many folks have actual photos printed nowadays.

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